Tips to find a Good Plumber

There are certain things of life in your home that is taken for granted – plumbing network, electricity wiring, and state of the roof gutters and the downpipes for example. Only when there is water splaying all over the walls from a leaking pipe or the fuse blows off or water starts flowing down the walls from clogged roof gutters will you sit up and take notice.

In all such cases of an emergency, you will call the nearest tradesman on hand, either from a number in the yellow pages or after an online search. The question now is whether the person who walks in through the door is the best available for the job. In all probability it will not be so. Hence, it is always advisable to carry out research on the tradesmen available in your locality who are the best in the field and keep the names and contact numbers handy.

In this blog, the process of pre-qualifying plumbers and keeping a list of the best of them so as to be prepared for a sudden untoward incident or calamity will be studied in some detail.

  • Get referrals from people you know – Get referrals from friends, relatives and neighbours. This should be the preferred option as the best plumbers in town do not advertise their services either in print media or online. They depend on word-of-mouth to get business and these are the plumbers that will offer you optimised services.

Another source is to get referrals from the local hardware or home improvement store or real estate agents who have good plumbers on their roll to take care of home renovation before sale. These plumbers generally operate individually and keep low overheads and thus can offer good and affordable services to customers.

  • Check for a licence – When you prepare a list of plumbers that you can contact in an emergency, you should ensure that all the short listed ones have a licence and are fully insured. This in a way guarantees the high quality of work that they will deliver. In States that require a plumber to have a licence, it is normal for the regulatory authorities to have a background check done as well as verify their competency in the plumbing trade.
  • Check references – Before you place a plumber amongst your chosen few, ask about references. A good and standard plumber can offer you several of them. Do not hesitate to call the references directly and enquire about the credentials of the plumber and the quality of work. You will also know if the references given are real and legitimate. It is advisable to ask for references of people where work is currently going on or of the very recent past. This will give you a fair idea of the capability of the plumber as of now.

Follow these tips if you want to have good plumbers handy should an emergency strike your home. If all this sounds too cumbersome for you, think of the future when you might have to go through the yellow pages standing in your living room in ankle deep water from a burst pipe. You will be glad that you took some time off to pre-qualify plumbers for exactly this type of eventuality.